Is there any pioneering spirit left for the next generation?

These days, students seem to be quite unmotivated and teachers refuse to take care of them. That’s what comes of it: The future generation stands to lose the spirit for building up an entrepreneurial culture.


More than two-thirds of the german teaching staff discourage their students to start their own business after a successfully completed training or university degree. And one thing is self-evident: no start-up – no pioneering spirit.

“When I grow up, I want to be an employee” – said no child ever!

Survey: The alarming findings of the digital economy

„If we are serious about establishing a pioneering culture, schools must strengthen entrepreneurial thinking and actions. Further, schools need to create space for more creativity and demonstrate ways to approach problems and challenges in more entrepreneurial terms.“, says Bitkom-CEO Niklas Veltkamp. „A start-up culture does not only depend on the curriculum design, teachers need to be proactive and enthusiastics about entrepreneurship to convey the right message.” Besides, it is significant to encourage a direct interaction with founders.

Reasons for the missing entrepreneurial spirit

Seven out of 10 teachers remark that they see a great chance in the digitalization process for the society. However, 15 % perceive the digital world as an immense risk, and 9 % even believe that it won’t impact the society at all.
Further problematic is the fact, that every third teacher noted that IT basic knowledge and programming expertise of school graduates are not relevant and significant for the economy.
Nevertheless, Veltkamp argued: “We need to establish computer science as a mandatory course from grade 5 onwards, english classes from grade 1 and an interdisciplinary course of media skills.”

The major topics for teaching staff

› Mathematical knowledge (98 %)


› Command of English (86 %)


› General education (73 %)

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