Is the AWM-Cloud the New Standard?

Expenses for cloud-related IT services will soon exceed those for non-cloud services. This is particularly the case in the traditional hosting segment and in the software industry. ISG examines the dominant provider in the cloud market, AWS.

What Amazon Web Services AWS has to offer

The public cloud pioneer AWS offers many security features as well as increased security through monitoring, which creates transparency over the systems. This makes the AWS concept far more secure than other cloud or non-cloud systems and no longer has much to do with the public. Instead of “public”, the AWS cloud should rather be called a multitenancy or hyperscaler cloud. Customers associate the established service with extreme agility, global scaling, reduced deployment time and a broad and deep portfolio. In addition, the service diversity and speed of innovation are appreciated.



Amazon Aurora Serverless is currently the fastest growing service on AWS and competes with established databases. However, not only database services are popular, but also its own cloud marketplace with over 170,000 users.  AWS is thus positioning itself as a provider of cloud marketplaces in Germany in the Leader Quadrant.

Their quarterly revenue is also rising: in the first quarter of 2018, AWS even grew by 49 percent compared to the previous year. The projected annual turnover is thus 22 billion dollars.

Business Value Added by the Cloud

Cloud computing has made rapid prototyping possible in decentralized networks and thus triggered a wave of automation.


Companies also benefit from artificial intelligence as a helper and accelerator.


Digital IT services and modern products are improved by machine learning and AI technologies and expand the possibilities in go-to-market or customer dialogue, for example.

The new AWS Migration Acceleration Program has particular potential for checking customer requirements for cloud application readiness and for preparing and implementing selective migration. AWS thus provides a good answer to the keyword Partner Driven Business.

AWS as a partner

In addition to its innovative strength with its own services, the attractiveness of AWS lies in its cooperation with other market leaders. While the customer relationship with SAP has now been in place for ten years, AWS is moving more in the direction of hybrid cloud compliance through its cooperation with VMware. The newly founded AWS-EU company could be the right step to convince more companies to sign a contract and use the AWS cloud.

At the AWS Summit, the 6,000 visitors to the event will be thrilled by end customer stories and use case descriptions.


The AWS ecosystem is characterised by “spirit” and “drive” and has been well received in Germany.


However, since AWS itself offers virtually no business applications, the competition from Microsoft, which is recording enormous growth and successful cloud transformation in its enterprise software portfolio, should not be ignored.

Source title image: iStock / D3Damon