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How to optimally use ERP-systems in a chain store

Small and medium-sized enterprises have various opportunities to grow. One of them is the opening of a new office. In a chain store, there are a lot of things that have to be taken into account in order to use an ERP-system optimally. Below we are presenting you four tips that you should follow when setting up your ERP-system.

The benefits of ERP-systems are widely known. Next to an increased process efficiency in daily business one should name the reduction of administrative costs. However, these benefits do only apply, if your ERP-system is well adapted to your company. Read here what you should consider when setting up an ERP-system for your chain store.

Managing your chain store using a multitenant software architecture

If you use your ERP-system in a chain store, it should be multi-client-capable. Using a multitenant ERP-system, the different local branches are treated as single and separate instances.


Benefit: As the different local branches are treated as single instances, one can easily adapt the ERP-system to the individual needs of a single store. However, as a all instances run centrally on the same system, data transfer between them is always possible in an easy way.

Cloud instead of In House

Especially chain stores can profit from using ERP-solutions out of the cloud. One big advantage is that your company does not have to bear high costs of investment. Instead of running your own data centers – what is quite costly – processing power is provided from external servers. This is also called Infrastructure as a Server (IaaS).


Benefit: Especially if your company is in a growth phase, ERP-solutions from the cloud are optimal as they are perfectly scalable. Thus problems like over- or underutilization that you often face when running your own data centers do not exist anymore. If you need more computing power you can easily adjust the offering to your needs by talking to your provider, without the need of costly investments.

Using a safe cloud

If you decide to use a ERP-system out of the cloud, there are differences regarding data security. It is advisable to choose a provider whose data centers are located within Germany. Thus the strict german rules regarding privacy do apply. This is important as ERP-systems treat very sensitive data.

Intuitive and adaptable user interface

In a chain store different people have to work with the same ERP-system. Hence an intuitive user interface is of high importance. Additionally it should be possible to adjust the handling to the needs of different individuals and stores.

If you follow these tips you make sure to optimally use your ERP-system for your chain store and to reach your goals.

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