How to exceed your business goals with a good content marketing

Everyone says “content is king!”, But what is good content and how can I successfully integrate it into my content strategy in order to achieve a positive ROI? How do I reach my target groups and what should be considered when building awareness and lead campaigns? The Evernine Group has already prepared and conducted numerous campaigns in Content Marketing together with the Content Distributor Outbrain. Importantly, the Evernine Group is the first certified Outbrain partner in Europe.

Content marketing is not a simple tool which can be easily integrated into your own communication strategy. It is only successful if you do it right and creat the content professionally, ideally with help of specialized editorial staff. That’s the only way to make your topics stand out from the crowd. This is also the best way to reach specific target groups and the only way to create awareness.

Moreover, this good content must also meet the customer’s KPI goals. In this context, it is important to choose the right distribution channel, create the right headline, choose the right display as well as to use conversion-optimized targeting.

Combine retargeting with content marketing

A range of marketing channels becomes more and more extensive and for a marketer it is not always easy to keep track of the channels – let alone choose the right channels for their (or their customers) KPIs. Often following questions arise: Should I publish my new topic or product via the social media channels, Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing? Shall I write an online article for the purpose of content marketing?  Do I reach my target audience properly Google AdWords and Display campaigns? What is more effective: content or performance marketing?

A right mix ist the essential factor

Both areas have their advantages. While the Evernine Group uses its QLM (Qualified Lead-Marketing) approach rather that content marketing for more complex topics, in case of “lower cost” campaigns it turns to performance marketing.


However, it all depends on the right mix based on KPIs and A / B testing. With the algorithms of the Web, marketing becomes an inbound experience.


How can you implement this effectively? You should create an editorial post that offers an added value to your audience.

Within this post position an attractive offering and place a conversion banner that leads to your landing page. Importantly, do not forget to track all the readers who have read your post.


Here you can build up a first reader pool with help of UTM tracking, to which you can directly play your campaigns in the future. This retargeting is exactly what you will do in the second step following your Content Marketing campaign.


To do this, you create displays and play them throughout Google’s search network. The trick is: You only go to the reader pool, which has already read your entry in the past – and thus is already prequalified for your topics. You will find out that with this method you can reach your target group more effectively, gain awareness and, therefore, generate leads.


To deliver results-oriented content marketing, you should place your topics in neutral magazine environments with classical views, referral recommendations, trust elements and low amount of branding. Such publishing platforms are especially optimized for native content distribution and can offer an enormous retention time with professional content creation.

Profit from the publishing network of Outbrain

Under the motto “Outbrain brings the right story to the right person”, our partner Outbrain offers the opportunity to place their own content on the pages of high quality.


Thi way you can be featured on the websites of well known publishers and get pre-qualified readers to visit your page.


With over 50 algorithms, readers get an opportunity to discover a content that is interesting, relevant and contemporary.

Outbrain offers a very high quality content due to the premium environment and claims to be able to reach circa 1 billion users per month worldwide. The so-called infield adverts are not very disturbing for the users and the user has to actively interact with them.


Combining our QLM approach with the benefits of Outbrain, social media networks and other publishing portals, companies can manage their external communication in a one-voice, holistic and scalable KPI way, providing their audiences with a unique customer journey.

*** Learn more in the Evernine’s QLM Whitepaper and on the Outbrain Website. ***

Hannes Beierlein
CCO Evernine Group

“As a certified Outbrain partner, we combine the added value methotology with  various communication channels, such as Plista, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, our own publishing portals, and more, with a unique One Voice strategy and our highly valued QLM approach to offer a new customer journey with good expected KPIs. “

Source titel image: Evernine