Growth Targets 2020: Evernine Sets A Benchmark Against Classic Communication Structures

The Evernine Group will complete the restructuring of its subsidiaries in 2018. This year, Evernine Group will actively intervene in the consulting and agency market with its strategic “one-voice” approach and at the same time further expand its partnerships with publishers.

The Munich-based consulting firm Evernine Group has made a name for itself in recent years for the introduction and implementation of innovative and efficient communication structures in the ICT sector. The young entrepreneurial group stands for a holistic digital transformation of the internal and external enterprise communication and supports companies to set up their communication as agilely, effectively, centralized, cost-efficiently and centralized as possible.


The Evernine Group brings together decisive communication disciplines from marketing, PR and digital sales with a wide industry network for large and medium-sized IT service providers, MSPs and software houses, as well as service and product departments of international manufacturers. It even offers its customers complete, KPI-oriented outsourcing via so-called “one-voice consulting”.


The approach not only appeals to their customers, but also to the project managers involved:

This unique communication approach makes it much easier for us project managers to successfully carry out customer projects. Because all of a customers’ inquiries are bundled in our accounts, we can use our omnichannel know-how and market overview to manage projects centrally and, if necessary, deploy special departments. Our customers are only interested in the agreed KPIs and the necessary creativity and consulting for their industry topics,” says Tobias Lilienthal, Communication Manager for Tech & Digitalization.

Communication Manager for Tech & Digitalization

For the successful implementation, however, internal and external processes must also be defined and, above all, adhered to.

Alexander Roth, CEO of Evernine Group

“In the Evernine Group itself, we will continue to expand our “one-voice” key account management as well as strengthen our industry-specific communications consulting, not only in our strongest division, the Business IT & Tech Unit,” says Alexander Roth, CEO of the Evernine Group.

Particularly, the internal units Content Creation & Syndication, Marketing Automation and Omnichannel Campaigns will be further expanded internally and new technological partnerships will emerge, as Roth reports.

“I am delighted to have worked with the management and team leaders last year to create unique processes for our one-voice key account management approach that allow our managers to provide the highest quality services for marketing, PR and digital sales, even at short notice,” adds Angelika Beierlein, Operations Manager & member of the Evernine Group Executive Board.

Angelika Beierlein, as COO & Member of the Executive Board of Evernine Group

A further building block is the integration of the development company Zero1Media into the Evernine Group under the new subsidiary NineBrackets GmbH (Managing Director Alec Chizhik), in which Evernine GmbH holds a majority shareholding. The main focus of this merger is on its own innovative offering in the areas of web development, database projects and marketing automation technology.

These development services will be delivered by the Evernine Group, if integrated into in-house projects, in the future also via “One Voice” – controlled by the respective project manager, the customer retains his single contact and contractual partner. The subsidiary ChallTell Solutions GmbH (Managing Director Daniel Zittlau), which owns its own app and technology products and supplies individual showcases and products in the area of mobile technologies, such as location-based service apps, is located under NineBrackets GmbH.

40 percent sales growth until 2020

A key element in achieving the clear growth targets – 40 percent sales growth by the end of 2020 – is also the completion of the conversion of the portal companies of the Evernine Group, which will further expand direct cooperation with publishers in the areas of portfolio enhancements and content production. Evernine GmbH is also a majority shareholder in InspiredBySports GmbH (Managing Director Tobias Massow) and MyBusinessFuture UG (Managing Director Lenz Nölkel), where it bundles its “Content Marketing optimized” influencer & expert portals such as cloudmagazin.com and InspiredBySports.com even more attractively under the brands IBS Publishing and MBF Media. These content marketing hubs are available to the key account managers and thus to the customers of Evernine GmbH with meanwhile outstanding performance as usable self-publishing hubs and platforms for LeadGen campaigns.

About Evernine Group:


Evernine GmbH was founded in 2013 by Alexander Roth and Angelika & Hannes Beierlein. It stands for the holistic digital transformation of internal and external corporate communication.


An essential part of this is the combination of PR, marketing and sales as well as other essential parts of corporate communication in a “one-voice strategy”. The Evernine Group has created unique structures for these companies with a unique “one-voice” key account management approach.

The concepts are implemented centrally from a single source as part of its new internal structures and accompanied by the main external services. As part of the internal transformation, companies can cost-effectively outsource entire areas of their communications departments. The Evernine Group does not care whether a company has 10 or 150,000 employees or where in the world it has to operate, due to its working methods and structures.

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