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Germans see lots of innovations in near future

Do you remember the Jetsons? The cartoon family, which flickered across the screen for the first time in 1962? The series was about life as it might be in 2062. Arconic, one of the world’s leading technology, engineering and advanced manufacturing companies, has now updated the serial intro a little bit.

Flying cars, apartments on foreign planets or holographic videos: Such inventions still sound like science fiction, but if it were to the Germans, it would soon become reality. According to a creative survey that Arconic has carried out in various countries, the Germans have shown their faith in technical progress.

Germans are pretty optimistic

This is what the Jetson family looked like in the original series. (Picture source: YouTube / warnerarchive)

According to the survey, the majority of the German population believes that in the next 50 years some self-driving cars (86 percent), private trips into space (80 percent) or holographic conferences (74 percent) will be part of everyday life. A good third of the respondents even think that flying cars will soon be available for sale.

Surprisingly, the German survey participants care a lot about their environmental awareness: more than half of them were interested in the development of recyclable buildings as well as in technologies that help the environment.

Based on these survey results, Arconic made a remake of  the “The Jetsons” intro and adapted it to the participants’ current future expectations and wishes. The spot was directed by Hollywood director Justin Lin, who is also known for the Fast & Furious film series. You can also see the spot here.

Source of title image: YouTube / Arconic