HTC has achieved unmatched brilliance with innovative concepts for smart mobile devices and a user-friendly design. We wanted a PC that is so small that it fits comfortably into the palm of your hand, and we were decisively involved in the development from the PDA to the smartphone.

The pursuit of brilliance is our passion. It inspires us to create a first class design and a completely new mobile experience for consumers all over the world. The pursuit of brilliance encourages us to pursue new paths and not lose sight of our goal of designing innovatively. It helps us every day to find new and unimaginable opportunities to bring together the world, the consumers and their activities.

HTC goes new ways that others have not gone yet. To make the impossible possible and to create technical new worlds has always been part of our corporate philosophy. HTC is synonymous with innovation, groundbreaking concepts and a forward-looking development of human communication. We are constantly entering new product lines.


Retail & Consumer Goods

< 17.000 employees

Taoyuan, Republik China

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The pursuit of brilliance was always the guiding principle – for our employees, for our products and for our social and ecological initiatives. This principle has shaped HTC as a global organization and will continue to shape our activities in the future.

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