Digitization meets fashion world

Not only in the world of technology, also on the worlds runways of the big fashionweeks and -miles, technology & digitisation is no longer a unknown word. The synergies that can arise from fashion, internet and technology have a lot in store.

Seldom are large catwalk shows or new publications of design collections about technology or a look into the future. In the fashion world this is what counts & now and above all the current trend. Nevertheless, there are huge trends when it comes to handbags with integrated speakers, for example, or even models strutting across the catwalk with robots.

In the fashion world, the demand for ingenuity and above all, innovation is not diminishing. On the contrary, the pressure of expectations on designers and organizers is increasing very high.

Fashiongirls and technology – a good combination?

The term “digital fashion” has also arrived in the environment of fashionistas, who follow the trend of fashion in the high-tech sector and are expected to create a new market in the future. This is no longer about details such as form and colour, but rather about functionality and practicality. Colorchanging LEDs that make the colorful handbags shine even brighter and more attractive and burst with innovation are the gadget of the day.

Drones across the catwalk

It has been proven that companies are using more and more different cloud services. That’s why it’s important to remember the term “Mutli Cloud Edge Management”.


This service will become immensely more important in 2019: It will become a critical asset for the business as it integrates and organizes the multi-endpoints that generate this data and it processes the data and transforms it into actionable insights.

What we can expect

In the real world, terms like “digital fashion” are still seldom heard and are therefore all the more fascinating when this technology is heard in shows or blogging groups.


Nevertheless, the trend towards digital fashion continues to develop and will inspire not only fashion enthusiasts but also technology fans in the future. In any case, there should be no limits.

Source: iStock/ webphotographeer