Current LinkedIn evaluation: In January is particularly much movement on the job market

At the beginning of the year, LinkedIn was able to identify a great deal of movement in the job market on the basis of an evaluation. The figures show that there were twice as many career changes in January as in any other month on average. Here you can find out which skills are now in demand.

A new career orientation can mean a lot: a new industry, a different corporate environment, national or international activity, self-employment or employment. Finding sense in one’s own profession seems to become more important to many people. This trend often leads to a career change to another company. Especially these changes cause too much movement on the job market in January. LinkedIn’s figures on career change are based on a newly entered position in a LinkedIn profile. The analysis compares changes of all positions within January with the average changes of the other months (February-December). Only position changes that represent a change from one company to another are included.

These hard and soft skills are now in demand

LinkedIn also investigated which skills are currently in particularly high demand. With regard to hard skills, it is above all such skills that are closely related to digital transformation, but in addition to hard skills, soft skills are also moving further into focus. Many managers are even of the opinion that soft skills are even more important than subject-specific knowledge.

Top Hard Skills for 2019:     

  1. analytical thinking
  2. employee leadership
  3. artificial intelligence
  4. natural language processing
  5. scientific computing
  6. data science
  7. cloud computing
  8. foreign languages
  9. admin. Skills
  10. UX Design

Top Soft Skills for 2019:

  1. powers of persuasion
  2. creativity
  3. time management
  4. flexibility
  5. problem-solving ability

“January is traditionally a month of the year when the labour market is particularly active. Who orients itself now occupationally again, should not overlook, how important soft Skills are for the own profile. Often applicants do not focus on their real strengths and how they can highlight them in the application process,” says Barbara Wittmann, member of the LinkedIn management in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Important facts about the calculation

Skills that are often sought on LinkedIn and the relationship between supply and demand were considered. Demand was measured based on the job changes that occurred through LinkedIn. The analysis was conducted only in cities with over 100,000 LinkedIn members.

Source image: iStock/ Jacob Wackerhausen