Cloud Migration – The Way into the Cloud

July 12, 2018, author / editor: MyBusinessFuture editorial team / Lenz Nölkel

Cloud migration is an important aspect for many companies in current times. Yet, it is not only sufficient to focus on the technical matters, you have to adapt the cloud philosophy in the entire company to implement new processes and stay competitive.

Companies find again and again that cloud migration can bring about some negative consequences. In 2017 the two traditional companies Toys „R“ Us and the German erotic company Beate Uhse went bankrupt despite being known for their progressive digital approach. Unfortunately, this approach was not fully executed in e-commerce which eventually ruined the companies.


Yet, e-commerce is particularly progressive in terms of cloud technologies. There is a high necessity of standardization as well as the need for quick adaptation. With special campaigns, like the “Black Friday”, when servers are as busy as the stores, quick adaptation to the circumstances is necessary.

Essential for Cloud Migration

Regarding the cloud migration, it is especially important to adapt all work processes the changes brought about due to the migration to achieve an ideal result.


“Cloud focusses less on technology and more on strategy. Yet, instead there is lot of scepticism in companies. The companies cannot afford this on the long run. Who wants to stay competitive has to access new business areas and sources of income.


The cloud changes not only intern processes, but the entire digital area and thus the relationship between the company and its customers and partners fundamentally,” says Christian Hofstadt, Manager Strategy & Business Development at plusserver.

The Cloud is versatile

In the meantime, the cloud’s potential stretches to sectors like finance consultancy, insurance and banks, yet, they have quite wrong expectations towards cloud migration and its potential.


“The ‘cloud first’ idea arrived at the companies, yet the willingness for profound cultural and procedural changes is not there,” stresses Christian Hofstadt.


This is the major source of mistakes: Companies migrate to the cloud, but neglect to adapt the entire company’s structure to these changes.

Mistakes are necessary

To make these kinds of changes in the company’s structure creativity and love of experimentation is asked. For many companies, the cloud is new ground and consequently harbours potential for mistakes.


Successful companies have to create a safe space, next to the classical “KPI-thinking”, to try out developments for and with the cloud.

The Future of Cloud Migration

espite some problems regarding the cloud migration most companies achieve positive results from it. According to a survey 94 percent of the participants agree that for their company the cloud was productive and worth the change.


Yet, the results of the survey only give information about the success of companies’ cloud migration, but not about the necessary or resulting innovation successes.


This article is based on an article by ChannelPartner.

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