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AI against cyber attacks – How Barracuda could become security leader

Cyberattacks are increasing dramatically in recent times. Companies must adapt their security standards to protect sensitive data as best as possible. Barracuda Networks wants to support IT security companies and publishes the security solution “Barracuda Sentinel, which quickly detects dangers due to artificial intelligence (AI).

In times of WannaCry and Co., companies need to upgrade: Business e-mail Compromise, identity theft and pishing emails are just a few examples of current threats to IT security. Barracuda Networks now tries to supports these challenges.


The comprehensive cloud service Barracuda Sentinel uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to effectively protect people, business processes and organizations from attacks and cyber fraud.

Protection by multi-level AI

To discover and block spear-pishing in real-time, Barracuda Sentinel works with a multi-level AI engine. This also recognizes which employees are most at risk. Two AI classifiers are connected.


In order to avoid identity theft, the personification layer analyzes the specific communication patterns of a company. The layer matches possible anomalies with different attributes of a message, such as sender, recipient, e-mail address and the like.


The context layer, in turn, scans the body of the message for features of a phishing attack, such as confidential financial or HR information or abnormal spellings. By combining both layers, Barracuda Sentinel can determine whether an e-mail is exposed to a spear phishing attack with an absolutely high hit rate.

Apart from financial damage, spear-phishing attacks have left irreparable damage to their reputation or the credibility of their brands. Because the attacks are highly personalized and typically do not contain any malicious attacks or links, traditional security solutions fail quickly when they are detected.


In very many cases of spear-phishing attacks, the attackers manipulate the company’s domains to steal the identity of the employees and abuse them for their purposes. In addition, hackers hijack corporate domains and use them to send manipulated emails to customers and partners to gain access to their accounts.


Through DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance) authentication, Barracuda Sentinel allows you to detect and prevent a fraudulent attack. With DMARC, organizations can monitor emails sent from their own domain, ensure legitimate e-mail traffic, and prevent unauthorized messages from being sent.


For the effective defense against brand hijacking and spear-phishing attacks, Barracuda Sentinel offers not only a comprehensive insight but also a detailed analysis of DMARC reporting.
Barracuda Sentinel uses the collected information from the self-learning engine to identify particularly vulnerable individuals in the company. Once identified, Barracuda provides Sentinel Tools to train their attention in terms of security on a regular basis and automatically through simulated Spear phishing attacks.

Security through cloud-based solution

Barracuda Sentinel is a cloud service that requires no hardware or software installation. It works in parallel with existing e-mail security solutions, such as Office 365 or Barracuda Essentials.


Barracuda’s API-based architecture makes it easy to extend protection beyond e-mail to other communications platforms, including G-Suite, Slack, or social networks.

New solutions for new problems

“As our research shows, C-level / BEC attacks are on the rise. Attackers are constantly developing their tactics to bypass the defense mechanisms and are increasingly taking lower-level employees who have access to sensitive information or authority to authorize or implement payments, “says Michael Osterman, President of Osterman Research.


“The ability of Barracuda Sentinel to learn the unique communication patterns of an organization is relevant to any organization that is keen to identify and protect vulnerable employees from such attacks.”


“Spear phishing is omnipresent. For a long time, it is no longer just the corporations or their C-levels that should be alarmed. Everyone can achieve their goal, “said Asaf Cidon, Vice President of Content Security Services at Barracuda Networks


“We are discovering new combinations of highly personalized procedures, such as manipulating domains, stealing the identities of managers, or falsely communicating with employees. In today’s dynamic threat environment, the best defense is to involve people and technology together. Barracuda Sentinel uses Artificial Intelligence to provide customers, including people, with comprehensive protection against spear phishing and cyber fraud that can respond in real-time. ”


Barracuda Sentinel is now available to Microsoft Office 365 users. For further information, please visit:

This post is based on a press release of Barracuda Networks

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