9 e-commerce trends you should know for 2019

December 6th, 2018, Author: PAYMILL / Editor: MBF editorial office

Online trading is constantly changing from day to day. The coming year is also expected to bring a number of trends that online merchants in particular should not miss. Gain a competitive edge in 2019 as well.


A highly competitive place: a place on the market in online commerce. Even small competitive advantages can be decisive. Next year, retailers should therefore consider a number of technological trends that can help them optimize their online offerings. Here is an overview of the most important trends:

Social media influence purchasing decisions

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat & Co. are becoming increasingly important when it comes to buying decisions, because customers listen to the advice of friends and acquaintances in social channels. Rating portals are also gaining attention. Online merchants should adjust to this and focus their marketing efforts on social media.

Better visualization with virtual realityso count

Data glasses are becoming increasingly popular. Meanwhile, low-cost virtual reality glasses are available everywhere. And users expect to be able to perceive virtual reality with their glasses, especially when shopping. Virtual reality means immersion and different senses are addressed. When online shops use the necessary technologies to enable three-dimensional immersion in the product worlds, this is a clear competitive advantage. The customer feels closer to the products and sensual experiences increase the incentive to buy.

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