What you can expect at CompTIA ChannelCon 2019

May 5th 2019,  Author / Editor: MBF

The CompTIA ChannelCon never heard of? Our editorial team has thoroughly unheard of in the IT environment and found an exciting event from Las Vegas. CompTIA ChannelCon 2019 will take place from August 5th to 7th at Bellagio, an exclusive five-star hotel.


CompTIA, a nonprofit trade association that issues professional certifications for the information and technology industry, says technology companies are increasingly expanding their commitment to customers, which is an encouraging sign of the rise of the IT market. These and many other topics are well received at the annual CompTIA ChannelCon.

What’s behind the event?

At CompTIA ChannelCon 2019 in Las Vegas, one of the most important annual education, networking and partnership events for the information technology (IT) industry, executives discuss how technology companies build their relationships in all aspects of business and develop a new, tailored approach for the business.

For example, discussions about home office and workplace relocation to other extensible environments will allow more companies to leverage their own portfolios and create proprietary intellectual property.

Game on

Of course there are many more topics to be covered.  There, opinion leaders and entrepreneurs from the cutting-edge technology industry can chat and experience three inspiring days of vendor-neutral collaboration, get to know each other and other companies, and build partnerships. The event takes place in the casual environment of a casino, where entrepreneurs receive a jackpot of new ideas and tools to grow their business and keep the IT industry at the forefront.

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Top speaker of the FBI

There are also some top speakers, such as Eric O’Neill, a former FBI agent.

The ex-FBI agent is considered a talented motivational speaker who puts real life experiences into an entertaining context and thus inspires the audience. Eric talks about the broader world of espionage and national security, economic and industrial espionage, fraud, internal investigations, corporate diligence, corporate defense, industrial cyberattacks, hacking, intellectual property theft and other relevant and interesting topics.


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