What McKinsey, Accenture and Co. don’t want to see for digitalization

  • October 18th, 2016

Modern companies are often wasting too much money and resources today because you have an outdated structure in your company communications. In times of digital change it is now almost essential to conduct sales, PR, marketing, etc. and to coordinate them from a single source. The Evernine Group in Munich is showing you how to make the most of this challenge effectively in this article by Hannes Beierlein, CCO.

Digitalization presents great challenges for companies.

Are you a board member, managing director or top manager and want to digitize your company? Then you are always on a good path. SAP HANA, IBM Watson, Microsoft and Co. as well as appropriate strategy, process and technology consultations are a further logical and correct step.

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But you are not sorting out the communication agencies yourself, nor are they questioning their approach in the context of digitization?

This is a big problem as technology and processes are the focus. But new technologies and related processes are just one side of the coin.

In this way processes can certainly be improved, production can be made more effective, logistics can be optimized or internal communication and marketing can be improved.

Smartphones sind heute ein Tool für die umgreifende Unternehmens-
kommunikation. (Bild: Evernine)

However, one factor that most companies neglect is the fact that today every employee is also carried away by digitization in a private environment and thus has access to virtually all media and media. This means that, unlike in the past, every employee is an important communicator in the company – not just PR department, sales, marketing (often in various obscure departments), HR and the management or board members.

“Corporate communication must be centrally managed in times of digitization”
– Hannes Beierlein, CCO Evernine Group

For corporate communications digitization means in particular one thing: it has to be much faster, more content needs to be organized centrally and a central message can be provided by everyone – internally and externally. Here large corporations of a certain size and according to their “product design” must finally distance themselves from the idea to separate PR, marketing, HR and distribution. Instead they need centrally managed communication departments with competence for many channels and target groups.


This is precisely where the company needs to have the right hierarchy. New positions must be created by the companies – such as a CCO, the Chief Communication Officer. The competence to act in this position and the associated communication department is particularly important here – without long release processes by individual departments.

If a company has set up such a communication department can also work together with modern communication advice, which can also cost directly all agency services (and I mean really any) for holistic projects with awareness and lead success from a single source.

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With slow and ineffective communication strategies, companies burn valuable money

The fact: the commissioning of a variety of agencies not only drives the cost up but also makes communication slow and ineffective. For each topic a dedicated agency – for SEO / SEA, Social, Content, UX, Motion, Leads & Awareness, Events, PR and much more – ensures friction. Digging battles arise just like unclear objectives. What helps the best SEA strategy if the website is not ready? And what good is the best event when there is no suitable digital marketing? Each channel is easy to operate and understand; But all the channels to the right extent and with the correct content at the right time orchestrated to fill and operate – that is what matters. This can only be done with a radical rethink. How much money is currently being “burnt” here is serious, and at the same time shows that companies have still not set clear targets for your measures at this point.

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In times of digitization enterprise communications has to get faster

Of course there are differences between the B2C and the B2B world but one thing is the same everywhere: Communication must be faster in the context of digitization. It is no longer possible to distinguish between event, branding, sales, PR, online, etc.; This does not work anymore. While there are many industry-specific solutions for the issue one thing is clear: firstly the management and management board must also opt for a radical change in this area and find someone who is to implement this path with them without fear and reservations. To this end, most agencies and consultations in the market do not have the staff from their history and their own structures.


Of course here too a change takes place – but only much too slowly. If you see how money is being spent or wasted, bosses from companies should devote themselves to the topic of communication as it is necessary in the context of digitization.

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This article is from the editorial office of the communications consultancy Evernine Group.

Picturesource: Evernine

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