Tim Cook provokes MIT graduates: I’m concerned about people thinking like computers

Apple CEO Tim Cook lately spoke to the graduating class of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he cautioned understudies about the downsides of technological innovation.

In spite of the fact that Apple’s Tim Cook leads one of the world’s greatest innovation organizations, he said at MIT 2017 innovation might not always be “the solution”, but sometimes becomes a problem. He said that shareholders have pushed Apple to concentrate on ROI. Engineers however, should have the courage to fight for what may be right.


I’m not worried about artificial intelligence giving computers the ability to think like humans. […] I’m more concerned about people thinking like computers“, he said.


Instead, technology must be implanted with fairness and graciousness according to Cook.

A valid provocation?

At his speech to MIT graduates, Cook cautioned the audience that however the web has engaged numerous, occasionally the fundamental rules of tolerability are suspended and triviality flourishes.


The CEO told the MIT Technology Review that Apple’s innovations will ensure individuals’ security, even when utilizing artificial intelligence to address the ills of mankind.

What graduates should learn from Cook: “How can I serve humanity? This is life’s biggest and most important question. The question I hope you will carry from here is, ‘How will you serve humanity?’

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