Time to suit up – and thus stand out from the office crowd

There are two special kinds of office workers: The techies who give more about the latest smart watch than about what they wear, and the nine-to-fivers who show up to work in the same suit and tie everyday. You don’t want to belong to any of those? Then read along and find some tips on how to dress up like a pro for work!

Business casual may sound like heaven to you – showing up at work dressed as you desire, as long as your shirts are neat and clean. But as so often in life, the easy way isn’t always the best. “Don’t dress for the job you have, but for the job you want” – heard of that already?


Keep one thing in mind: What says “chill and in control” to you may appear to be “messy and slackerish” to your coworkers and supervisors. But don’t worry, we’re here to help: By following some easy advice, you make the most out of your wardrobe – with minimum effort.

1. Business casual shoes are key

It’s true: Shoes say a lot about the one who’s wearing them. Business casual does not mean that sneakers are a no-go in the office – but if you wear them, choose the right ones. Better leave your Jordans in the Closet ans go for simple design, combined with high quality materials. And just like that, you’re style improved without lacking any comfort.

2. Oversize ist overdue

We’re sorry to bring the bad news, but it’s time to say goodbye to those slack shirts, sweaters or jackets. Those loose garments may be cozy – but you will not like what they signal to your colleagues.

“When everything is a size too big, you look less fit, nimble, and alert”, says Joseph Rosenfeld, brand consultant based in Silicon valley. By rather putting on some slim fit garments, you automatically shout out that you’re ready for action.

3. It’s all about the details

Dressing like a pro doesn’t end with the right shoes and shirt. The small things count as well! Ever thought about a pocket square or tie bar? No? Well, then maybe you should now. And don’t forget: A nice watch with a leather strap can improve nearly every outfit, and for the techies among you: There are also a lot of neat fitness trackers out there.

Source of image: iStock / Nikada