Nuki cashback campaign: Digitization can be easy

Everyone working in a bigger company knows one problem for sure: Every employee has his own key for the office. For large concerns it is often difficult to comprehend who is responsible for locking the doors. The smart locks by Nuki offer a innovative solution for this problem and improve the security in the office. Now the company announced a cashback campaign: Companies that buy the Nuki combination get a bonus that depends on the number of authorizations.

Nuki’s cashback campaign will end on June 30, 2017: Until then, companies will receive a bonus when they buy a Nuki Combo (Smart Lock and Bridge), specify their VAT identification number and give access to their employees via the Nuki Web. The bonus is increased with the number of¬†entitlements that are granted. So companies can easily save a lot of money!

Companies can cleverly save money

After the purchase of the Nuki Combo, the granting of several accesses is worth money: The company pays back up to 250 euros depending on the amount of the activated entitlements:


  • 50 or more permissions (max. 100): 250 Euro
  • 40 permissions: 200 Euro
  • 30 permissions: 150 Euro
  • 20 permissions: 100 Euro
  • 10 permissions: 50 Euro

Advantages of the smart locks

Nuki Web improves the business use of the smart door lock in offices, government offices or care facilities. New users can be easily invited by computer via Nuki Web. Access points can be limited to specific times and mass management allows existing access permissions to be changed with just one click.


The door can also be directly unlocked or closed via browser. The advantage for companies is obvious: Since no keys have to be copied, the investment is also financially worthwhile. The security is significantly improved by the fact that all blocking processes are recorded in the log and are therefore verifiable.

Prices and availability

The Nuki Smart Lock costs 229 euros. The Nuki Combo (Smart Lock and bridge) is available for 299 euros. For the Nuki bridge the price amounts to 99 euros, for the Bluetooth key Nuki Fob 39 euros. All prices include VAT.


The Smart Lock as well as the Nuki Bridge can be ordered in the Nuki online shop or at Amazon.

Source of title image: © Nuki Home Solutions