Managers are surprised: This software turns you into a service champion

Anyone who wants to grow on the market, needs to show the right amount of service quality. We present you, how a medium-sized metal constructor increases customer satisfaction with software only. Further, you can click here to test the software by SelectLine for free.

Customer service – the Hans Hebetechnik + Metallbau GmbH got it under control

Nowadays, firms should always think out of the box and question the pure purchase act. Products and services can be easily exchanged. A great product is no longer sufficient. How to clearly distinguish from the competition and become irreplaceable for customers? “Service” is the keyword. In general, customers want to feel well looked after and understood. This includes a friendly contact person, a software that offers a great overview of all needed customer information and in best case an illustration and support of further processes: From the process of inquiries, to the creation of offers and financial reporting.

The Hans Hebetechnik + Metallbau GmbH recognized these service needs. At the moment, the saxon industry supplier, situated in the greater Leipzig region, employs around 20 people.

Michael Richter, Head of Sales & Marketing at SelectLine

Since 1991, the firm puts its special focus on the manufacturing of  conveyor systems as well as on sales and marketing of various components for hoisting and conveying, especially of electric chain hoists, cranes and lifting devices and steel- and plant constructions.

With the SelectLine Partner Wsoft GmbH, the company  replaced Excel & co. with a flexible system infrastructure, that was tailored to their needs.

„The existing Excel databases were no longer up-to-date. We were looking for a simple solution that could help us to optimize our processes in terms of customer service and support“, said Elke Hans, authorized signatory of the Hans Hebetechnik + Metallbau GmbH.


Greater transparency for customer service thanks to Wsoft GmbH and the application of SelectLine Software

With the implementation of the solution, the company achieved sustainable cost- and time savings of more than 40%. Processes are now automated. A customer or prospective buyers makes a request.

For this purpose, a project will be set up from which the entire document creation, in other words requests for suppliers, offers for customers, and more, take place. Furthermore, the customer journal documents all calculations.


The Hans Hebetechnik builds on the customer oriented software provided by SelectLine.

The confirmation of order to the customer takes place through submitting the tender with just one mouse click. At the same time, the transfer of the delivery note and the invoice is a very simple and easy process after the order confirmation. ” We are convinced of the chronological- and intuitive handling of the software – total traceability of each and every work stage is transparent and visible. Further, the program offers relevant reporting tools and finally a seamless transfer of all data to the tax office. Working with SelectLine reduces our workload in many respects”, according to Ms Hans. 

A customized solution that convinces

„The SelectLine convinced us in predominantly by its easy handling of our very complex procedurs and single steps up to the detailed reporting of inquiries. Another important criterion was the data exchange in terms of our incoming- and outgoing invoices as well as for the wage preparation for the tax office.

Edited in Excel before, we achieved a total time- and cost saving of more than 40% today,  thanks to the employment of SelectLine and the consulting of Wsoft GmbH. Finally, all these advantages make SelectLine to OUR commercial software”, stated Ms Hans.