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Logitech ZeroTouch now available with Amazon’s Alexa

You surely know the struggle when you’re sitting in your car and your phone is vibrating. The temptation to check mails or write an SMS is high but very risky while driving. Logitech already made a huge step towards a saver driving experience due to their smartphone app ZeroTouch. Now the manufacturer announced the integration of the cloud-based system Alexa by Amazon. Thus Logitech offers a platform that is constantly evolving and ensures a safer way of using ones smartphone in the car, especially for the interaction with Smart Homes. ZeroTouch is the only product that makes Alexa usable in every vehicle.

Logitech’s concept of ZeroTouch includes a voice-controlled app for Android smartphones. Thereby every vehicle can be a networked car – no matter how old it is. The stub can be fixed at the front shield or at the air conditioning. ZeroTouch allows the driver to deal with many different tasks – without putting the hands off the steering wheel.


Drivers can write messages, use different music services and apps for navigation. Due to the integration of Alexa, the driver can now use much more functions.


The ZeroTouch tasks can be started with easy hand gestures, so the driver can concentrate on the street. A simple “High Five” activates the app. Thanks to Alexa, the driver can control the app by using his voice – just like he was talking to a fellow passenger. The word “Alexa” starts the Amazon assistant – hands and eyes stay on the street.

More possibilities, less danger

Alexa offers a wide spectrum of functions: Drivers can now use voice-operated functions, trigger informations of the internet and regulate devices of a Smart Home without getting abstracted. Hence ZeroTouch tries to find a way to reduce the danger of using phones in a car.


Aaron Brown, Director of Amazon Alexa, said that the team is looking forward to the collaboration with Logitech. From his point of view, voice-controlled systems are the future for the automotive industry. He appreciates the possibility to pilot a Smart Home by using one’s voice. That secures a safe driving experience.


ZeroTouch users can use many different communication functions such as editing to-do-lists, listening to audiobooks or music, checking the latest sports news or the weather at the destination.


Alexa also offers shopping and restaurant recommendations: Users have access to thousands of articles of the online portal Yelp and as needed you can also order something from Amazon. Thanks to a fuel app you can also find the cheapest filling station within spitting distance.

Besides these functions, drivers are allowed to use all Smart Home applications that are deposited in the personal Alexa account. This is possible through a “High Five” and saying the signal word “Alexa”.


Some minutes before you arrive at home you can turn on the outdoor lights of your house or turn up a radiator. You can even program to record your favorite TV-Show. All this is possible without hazarding yourself or other people on the road. 

Reduced diversion

Patric Frank, Head of Smartphone Business Group at Logitech, points out that the most important thing is to emphasize the security of driving. He says that studies prove that the combination of Alexa and ZeroTouch is an optimal concept to stay focused while driving.


ZeroTouch by Logitech is the first solution that is labeled with the new approval mark “reduced diversion of drivers” by the TÜV SÜD. TÜV SÜD checks information, communication and entertainment mechanisms in cars.


Besides that, Logitech supports the safety campaign “BE SMART! Hände ans Steuer – Augen auf die Straße” and promotes the responsible use of technology.

Access by updating ZeroTouch

Alexa can be integrated by updating the ZeroTouch app. To use Alexa you only need an Amazon account, with which you can register to the ZeroTouch app.


The ZeroTouch holdings are now available directly over Logitech or over the distributors Amazon, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom AG. The price is between 59,99 and 79,99 euros.

This article is partially based on a press release by Logitech, March 2017

Image source: Logitech