Investment Trends 2019: Innovative technologies promise excellent yields

2019 April 11th, Author / Editor: PATENTPOOL Group / MBF-Redaktion

Investors can reap huge profits if they recognize groundbreaking technologies at an early stage. Thoughout our research we discovered three particular investment trends that are proving themselves as extemely promising.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Steve Bezos attained weath and became legends by understanding innovation and smart business concepts. Financial success has not been limited to these all-time greats. Smart investors have reaped huge benefits by sharing the same ideas and undertaking the same risks as these daring leaders at an early stage before Microsoft, Apple and Amazon became household names. If you are looking for new ways to invest and emulate the success of the past we can lead you in the right direction.

Three outstanding business opportunities

MyBusinessFuture identified three outstanding business opportunities in concert with PATENTPOOL Group, a supreme and experienced incubator for start-ups. These three top-innovators meet the criteria for technological leadership, an enormous untapped market, and huge potential for profit. All three are at an early stage and in very promising market segments. They are highly scalable, focused on growth and privately funded.

Trend 1: Predictive Analytics – Fintech of the Year

Prisma Analytics GmbH is in the middle of rocking the world with a new approach to predictive analytics based on artificial intelligence. Prisma uses its highly innovative technology to extract insights from structured data. Prisma Analytics Decision Point predicts future economic, political and social trends and is able to answer complex questions in real-time.

Complex data is presented simply and clearly visually (Source: iStock/ ipopba ).

The core technology “C+8” allows clear and lucid visualization of complex data. Decision makers can up their game with this precise and accurate information.


The company recently won the coveted award “Fintech of the Year” at the FinX conference in Dubai.  Hardy F. Schloer COO Prisma Analytics: “If we position our technology correctly, C+8 will change the course of human evolution”.


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Trend 2: Aircoating revolutionizing the maritime industry

The maritime industry is haunted by age-old problems: Conventional coatings for ships offer little protection from rust, are toxic and suffer from friction during movement which reduces energy efficiency.

Aircoating solves all these problems by shielding the body of the ship with a thin layer of air. Ships are no longer in contact with sea water. This way they can run smoother and faster. Rust ceases to be a problem. Toxic substances that are meant to protect ships from clinging maritime organisms are no longer necessary. Ships need less fuel and thus have lower emissions. The technology addresses a huge market with a giant opportunity for growth.


New aircoating technology prevents ships from getting “wet” (source: unsplash/ Art Wager ).

Kathrin Heitmann, spokesperson Aida Cruises: “The maritime industry can save about 20 billion euros in a conservative scenario by reducing friction losses by 20 percent. An enhanced public image for cruise lines by reducing pollution and avoiding the use of poisons is more difficult to quantify, but also significant.”

Aircoating technology uses the Salvinia effect for air-coated surfaces. Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have been developing this technology for more than ten years and have successfully tested it in long-term studies. ACT Air Coating Technologies GmbH, based in Karlsruhe, was founded in 2017 to commercially push Aircoating technology.


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Trend 3: Bavaria Weed – medical cannabis

The hype around legal cannabis in North America even eclipses bitcoin. Germany has now also relaxed its strict laws. Doctors can now legally prescribe medical cannabis in Central Europe. There are already 140.000 patients receiving regular cannabis medication in Germany and this number is rising daily. 


Medical cannabis alleviates pain and increases well-being. It is effective for treating diseases such as chronic pain, rheumatism, cancer and multiple sclerosis.

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Medicinal cannabis relieves pain and increases well-being of suffering patients (source: iStock/lpettet).

Bavaria Weed provides a complete supply chain to deliver medical cannabis to pharmacies in Germany. Medical cannabis is currently imported from Canada but will be produced locally in Germany in the near future. The company has applied for the certification “Good Agricultural Practice (GAP)” in the EU. Bavaria Weed guarantees the highest quality standards for medical cannabis in accordance with “Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP)”.

The company ensures high-security standards by using a fallout shelter for its central warehouse. Pharmacies will receive deliveries within 48 hours due to the excellent logistics and automated filling station provided by Bavarian Weed.



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Prisma Analytics, Aircoating Technologies and Bavaria Weed all offer excellent growth perspectives and revenue opportunities. You can be a part in helping the next Amazon, Apple or Microsoft grow to giant size.


Source Cover Image:  iStock/Art Wager, iStock/ipopba, unsplash/Matthew Brodeur.