How the reliable workplace-to-go works

This logistics company doesn’t have to struggle with obsolete or outdated IT anymore. Learn how the company took care of a change to the cloud.

Reliable workplace to go

The OFKON logistics company does not need to worry about weak or outdated IT. Irrespective of location and device, employees now access their cloud workstations.

The medium-sized logistics service provider OFKON Service Logistik GmbH serves the complete segment of special and sword transports and also assumes responsibility for tasks such as warehousing, stock management, picking and dispatch tracking as contract logistics technicians.


“Every technical requirement of our company has been covering login2work reliably since 2008.”

For its diverse business processes, the company needs a relatively complex software landscape ranging from classic office programs to special logistics applications.

His applications were operated by OFKON for years in his own computer center. However, as the ongoing costs and the necessary hardware investments continued to increase, the logistics provider sought a financially attractive and flexible solution.

The project

The goal of the logistics company was to avoid the high investment costs in the IT area and to make the effort for the operation of the business applications transparent and calculable. After extensive planning talks, OFKON decided to outsource the operation of the entire IT environment to login2work.

For this purpose, all business applications and server systems were migrated step by step into the data center of login2work. OFKON’s applications run there in a powerful and fail-safe infrastructure consisting of a large number of highly available server and storage systems.

The data center is comprehensively protected against unauthorized access and all company data are backed up by backup procedures. For all OFKON employees, login2work set up a protected web access: Users now log on to the browser using their personal login data and can then access their own work environment and individual applications as usual.

The benefit

The benefit: Instead of capital-bound investment costs, login2work now only requires usage-dependent monthly costs for the number of actual users. The employees of the logistics company are now working independently.

New employees or additional locations OFKON will be integrated in a few hours today. Even on the road or on the premises with customers, via Notebook, secure access to all applications and data is possible. Carsten Gärtner, IT officer at OFKON Service Logistik is convinced by the flexibility of the solution: “We often have to set up our own IT workstations in the logistics centers of our customers very often.

With login2work, our employees only need an Internet connection or a notebook with a UMTS card and can get started right away. “

Central Administration

The user support and the entire basic administration are already included in the complete package: login2work takes care of helpdesk inquiries, plays software updates and up-to-date security patches and ensures that all systems are available around the clock.

The company’s own ERP system is integrated into the virtual workplace of login2work, but it is still the responsibility of OFKON’s IT staff.

Source of title image: Ryan MCGuire via Gratispgraphy