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High flight for Virtual Reality: The economy profits

What big manufacturers of entertainment electronics have been betting on for a long time, seems to finally make its way into economy. Virtual Reality is expected to bring sales of 895 million Dollars this year.

With the help of VR glasses not only new business models are developing but also profound improvements in research and medicine.

This market has already paid off for manufacturers of VR glasses. Microsoft, Samsung, HTC and Sony are building a new economic stand with their in-house spectacles. Strategy Analytics has forecasted sales of $ 895 million for 2016 alone.

virtual reality

“Consumers will soon be confronted with an incomprehensible selection of VR options”, Cliff Raskind, Director ‘Wearable Device Ecosystems service’, Strategy Analytics.

And it is not just VR glasses for the B2C sector. 360-degree cinema, virtual gaming or new visual experiences in the leisure park represent only the first attempts at VR technology.

Rather the B2B environment will benefit from data gadgets. The simplest example: With Microsoft’s holoLens managers can organize their virtual office – the important (digital) documents are suddenly stored on the real desk, and the data are opened with a wipe.

The economy and consumers also benefit from Virtual Reality

While the consumers can look forward to a completely new visual experience, the advances of the VR glasses also provide new opportunities for the economy. Three examples:


✔ Medical doctors use VR glasses for surgery (click here for the article)
✔ Inustrial worker have all the data in min while working on machines
✔ IVirtual Reality  is used for business-oriented video conferences

“The VR technology makes it possible to dive into reality-oriented worlds without any great effort. In this way, products, specifications and requirements can be presented live to the employees, suppliers and customers. Especially in the B2B sector, VR is thus able to reduce the time to market time for new products on the one hand and to minimize development and production expenses on the one hand. For Challtell Solutions, however, the growing potential for storytelling in sales, training and product presentation is of particular interest. Who does not like to dive into a story and live it live”, Patrick Blitz, CTO & CO FOUNDER CHAllTEll Solutions GmbH.

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