Augmented Reality

Maintenance Works with Augmented Reality – The How To

Augmented reality (AR) and head-mounted displays (HMDs) can make repairs faster and more effective. Learn how you are able to combine people and IT for a more efficient workflow.

Augmented reality is the evolution of virtual reality. HMDs project onto the real world, not a virtual one.

Remote maintenance is becoming easier

Augmented reality opens up completely new possibilities, especially for remote maintenance. Support and repair services can be provided more easily or effectively.

Caterpillar, a specialist in construction machinery, is one of the pioneers in the use of augmented reality, and has teamed up with Scope AR, a provider of HMDs, to create a live video support platform.

Remote maintenance with augmented reality offers significant increases in efficiency and speed as well as cost advantages for repairs.

Combined with the Internet of Things, which uses sensors to predict which devices are about to fail, thus enabling predictive maintenance, companies gain real competitive advantages based on this new technology of remote maintenance combined with augmented reality.


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