GDI Software has been developing commercial software for medium-sized companies at its site in Landau in the Palatinate since its foundation in 1979. With its solutions for merchandise management, CRM, order processing, financial accounting, asset accounting, cost accounting, payroll accounting and time recording, including mobile apps and browser applications, the software manufacturer is one of the few full-service providers on the market. More than 18,000 companies nationwide rely on these solutions.

Thanks to the flexible program architecture of GDI Software and the cooperation of 130 GDI specialized trade partners, every industry and every scenario receives a perfect solution. The basis for this is the GDI three-step model: GDI standard solutions + industry standards + individual adaptations.

This is how "customized individual standard software solutions" are created - made in Germany.


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GDI Software

GDI Software draws on more than three decades of experience and, as a medium-sized company, on its knowledge of the administrative, commercial and organizational tasks of medium-sized companies. A comprehensive solution is essential for medium-sized and smaller companies. Comprehensive includes ERP/merchandise management, order processing, cost accounting, financial accounting, asset accounting, payroll accounting, CRM, personnel time recording - nothing less.