Evernine assessed by ISG as leading among digital agencies in German-speaking countries

May 18, 2018, author / editor: Evernine Group / Hannes Beierlein

Annually, the analyst firm Information Services Group (ISG) carries out a survey about the market position of businesses and agencies regarding “Social Business Services & Solution”. The Evernine Group participates for the first time in 2018 and could immediately position itself successfully.


First the general information: The ISG Provider Lens™ Program offers market-leading, action-orientated surveys, reports and consulting services, which especially focus on the strengths and weaknesses of technology and service providers. The question here is: How does a business position itself in the competitive environment – and where does that leave the business in the quadrant of the survey? These reports offer significant insights, which are used by ISG advisors for their consultant work regarding outsourcing contracts, as well as by ISG clients who are the possible outsourcers.


The research team of the Information Services Group investigates in this context the consultant services, with special focus on the market trends and disruptive technologies in the business environment.

Aufbau des Studien-Themas Social Business

The social business survey by ISG deals on one side with the modern and efficient collaboration in the business according to the principles of the social networks (“Collaboration”) and on the other hand, examines suitable solutions for interaction and relations with clients in the markets (“Commercial”), which can change quite rapidly and are faced with enormous competition. The topic of social business gains more and more importance – consequently, the ISG conducted a dedicated survey to examine social business with the components collaboration and commercial. Moreover, the aspect of artificial intelligence (AI) is currently much hyped and business models cannot be imagines without it. The topic social business includes in this survey appropriate solutions and services. Overall, the structure of the whole topic is as following.

Structure of the ISG Provider Lens Studie. Source: Information Services Group
Evernine positions itself in Digital Communication

In the context of digital communication several agencies were investigated, which support operating businesses to transform their business communication in the new (social) media and offers in this context a comprehensive portfolio regarding consultation, creation and (technological) realisation of the requests. Overall, there were 20 business in this business field identified. In that field Faktor3, IBM iX, Plan.net, Publicis Pixelpark, SapientRazorfish, SinnerSchrader/Accenture and UDG were rated as leaders. AKQA was awarded as the “Rising Star“. The Evernine Group was honoured as the Product Challenger by the ISG. It convinced with its the versatile portfolio and specific Go2Market-strategies, which can be customized for businesses of all branches.

Compared to other businesses, the approach by the Evernine Group convinces with the strategic focus and the comprehensive portfolio.

Positioning of the Evernine Group in social business quadrant "Digital Communicaton". Source: Information Services Group (ISG)
Award as Product Challenger

It is noticeable in this survey that especially the product challenger with their products and services perform outstandingly according to the requirements. Yet, do not have the same resources and strengths in other fields, like the businesses positioned as leaders have. Often, this correlated with the businesses’ size or the weak “footprint” with their target group. This is the case with Evernine. The direct comparison of agencies is difficult, considering the different sizes of agencies. Yet, when one only considers the owner-operated businesses with under 50 employees, Evernine especially distinguished itself by its versatile portfolio and its specific Go2Market strategies from other businesses.

Many CMOs face new challenges in the time of the digital transformation, since classical marketing concepts constantly change in the age of digital content marketing. Generally, there is a tendency towards Inbound Marketing. CEOs have already realised these tendencies and the relevance of digital marketing for their businesses’ aims. They consequently increase the budget for the marketing department, yet demand at the same time a measurable output of these steps.



The classical AIs now must be extended by the ROI. These innovations and changes make businesses solely concentrate on digital strategies and organize the brand communication digitally.

Many IT service providers then extent the offer of such agencies and take advantage of their agility and modernity. Why? They focus on the digital transformation of the business’ communication in the new (social) media and offer then at the same time a comprehensive portfolio regarding the consultation, creation and (technological) realisation of the requests.



The work of these agencies excels the offers of classical PR agencies. While classical agencies only conduct and realise certain tasks, the Evernine Group offers additional editorial and technological supports. Moreover, Evernine creates website-concepts, Go2Market-strategies and develops holistic, target-focussed communication-, media- and PR concepts related to Business IT. For the realisation of these services Evernine conducts comprehensive competitor analysis and strategies regarding the Social Enterprise Networking Suites optimised digital communication (including SEO, SEA, KPI-definition & ROI, varying social media channel strategies, tracking and evaluation) and realises these together with the client.

The Evernine Group was investigated according to these criteria and requirements:


  • Communication strategy (for example, internal structure as well as external communication- and collaboration paths – assistance in digital business transformation)
  • Brand Design & conception (for example, content-management-concepts according to the client’s visions and target groups)
  • Online marketing (for example structuring and organizing of marketing campaigns)
  • Web analytics (for example, experience with target group definition/ SEO/ SEM-know-how in connection with legacy- and cloud-systems or others – often in context of web server, e-commerce and CRM)
  • IT know-how (for example, programming and interface-know-how in context of social media marketing tools)

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Challenger with a strong portfolio


Agencies and communication consultants like to compete on the market. They challenge their own services and try to be recognized as a leader. Yet, when the competing businesses are so very different from each other, both in regard of annual sales as well as size of business, smaller businesses almost do not stand a chance to position themselves as leaders. Then they depend on their strength in the market – yet the question is for how long. Because with the Challengers, it quickly becomes clear that they frequently have a more innovative portfolio than the Big Players,

Source title image: Information Services Group (ISG)