E-Learning: How to prepare your employees for knowledge-society

26.07.2018, Author / Editor: rexx systems / Nicole Pasternak

It’s not just products and services that are essential for a company’s success, but also the know-how of employees and their development. A digital trend is emerging in more and more industries, which prevents training from becoming a huge and costly project. In this free info paper we show how human resource managers can benefit from e-learning.

This article is for:

✔  CEOs who value a culture of learning and personal growth.


✔ HR managers who want to approach their employee development with modern means and methods.


✔ Specialist department managers who want to ensure that employees are optimally trained to meet operational requirements.

Across all industries, employees should be trained on a regular basis – regardless of whether the training is mandatory by law, following the company’s growing requirements or are voluntary. Staying up-to-date in a disruptive market is not just essential for executives, it’s equally important roles across the company from sales reps to IT and development specialists.

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But even if the will for internal training is there, the project presents many HR managers with major challenges. How do I minimize the mostly not insignificant costs? How do I limit the time required by trainings and time spent away from work for my employees?

Expand training options and save resources with e-learning

Classical classroom training is still persistent in many companies and although it does leave much flexibility for the participants, it is particularly resource-saving.


The ideal alternative to on-site training is a modern version of it: e-learning. Through specially developed solutions, such as the e-learning module in rexx systems’ talent management platform, all participants can individually select, request and access training content online as well as track their own learning progress transparently in the system. This has many advantages – not only for the employees, but also for the company itself.

How to support your employees

One of the key benefits of e-learning: your staff decides for themselves when is the right time for training. Since the content is provided via special software, the traditional “compulsory attendance” in the course no longer exists: Course content is available to each participant at anytime and anywhere. This allows each employee to decide when it’s the best time for their training.


Of course, free time scheduling is not the only benefit for the trainees. With its own dashboards, an overview of all available teaching content can be found in the e-learning module by rexx systems so that other relevant courses can be taken independently. In addition there is always the possibility to check the status of the already completed or ongoing courses.

Saving resources and keeping track

With rexx e-learning, not only do the employees benefit, but also the company itself. The digital provision of courses does not limit the number of participants. This means that all content can be made available to anyone interested over an indefinite period of time. It also eliminates the need to travel to external training venues or book space for face-to-face seminars – and that saves a lot of money in the long term.


In addition, all employee progress can be mapped transparently. HR executives can always see the individual progress of each trainee, review results and pinpoint individual courses to employees or entire departments.


At the end of each digital course, there is a final test that reviews the progress of the staff. Each employee gets a certificate after successfully completing the course. To make sure your employees won’t forget everything they learned after taking the final exam, refresher courses can be assigned through the e-learning module automatically with rexx Talent Management.

Practical compliance and communicating guidelines

In addition to the simplified organization of skill management, the rexx e-learning also promises many advantages in terms of content.


Compliance training, with all its rigorous legal requirements is particularly important for companies, as all employees must be aware of valid safety and behaviour policies for example – but at the same time, compliance issues are usually difficult to communicate.

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Nevertheless, compliance training can be mastered very easily thanks to the individually compiled course offers: content is consolidated through personalized application examples, and the practical implementation is illustrated through assistance in critical situations. This way employees are sensitized to legal risks in their daily work and learn how to behave in the event of an emergency.

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Individually tailored to your company

rexx systems takes into account that the same demands on a system do not apply everywhere. The content which should be emphasised can be just as different as the type of knowledge transfer, which can be very individual depending on the corporate culture.

The entire company benefits from targeted employee development. (Source: iStock/skynesher)

Because of this, the introduction of e-learning software in companies can benefit from tailored design. The implementation starts with a detailed determination of requirements, exact needs, goals and a comprehensive knowledge transfer strategy.


Once all the framework conditions have been defined (for example the resources used or the target groups addressed), the conception of an e-learning offer tailored to your company can begin.

The concept can include the exact course content and forms of presentation, which can then be refined in several steps until it perfectly suits your needs.

From planning to implementation – in just a few steps

Once you’re satisfied with the design of your individual e-learning system, it’s all about the production of its content – whether HTML or HTML5, audio and video files, or classic Office and PDF documents. When all the content is ready, the introductory phase begins, during which the course offerings are tested and adjusted – until the content is ready for release and officially introduced to the company.


During the implementation of the talent management, rexx systems supports you with extensive assistance. So not only is the smooth delivery of courses offered, but the provision of all necessary interfaces is also guaranteed. Also included in the e-learning module is a feedback system that gives your employees the opportunity to evaluate courses and to make suggestions for improvement.


Through the individual consultation, conception, implementation and maintenance of the e-learning software for your organization, rexx systems ensures the ideal preparation and management of important training content – providing a fundamental part of successful skill management and personnel development in your company.

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