Bye, bye Firewall: How to protect against cyber attacks

With growing mobility, the number of cyber attacks increased immensely over the past years.  For the economy this caused losses running  into billions. But how can you protect yourself from cyber attacks?


There is no doubt: In the future combats will take place online. Nach Erkenntnissen der Microsoft Digital Cybercrime Unit belaufen sich die Kosten für Cyberkriminalität weltweit bereits jetzt rund 500 Milliarden US-Dollar. Jedes fünfte Unternehmen ist soll demnach schon Opfer einer Cyberattacke zum Opfer gefallen sein.

Alarming: On average, hackers circle for about 243 days in foreign firm networks before they are exposed.

How to respond: Modern tools and the correct handling

Considering these dramatic threat, new countermeasures are needed: Firwalls and virus scanners are history. Instead, online employee- and customer data should be flexible and actively secured. A safety strategy is the essential solution, that



  • separates critical from unimportant data


  • promotes behaviour patterns and technology that help to protect all employees and data efficiently


  • and particularly implemented completely

A note for all CIOs and CEOs: In his new „How-to-Guide“ book, Microsoft simply explains how companies can achieve greater security.


A few safety tips ex ante: 



  • Get an overview of Apps, devices and data


  • Promote the ownership of your employees


  • Define practicable rules for passwords



Conclusion: Modern Security concepts will gain further importance in the near future. However, technology alone is not enough. Employees must learn to treat data confidentially.

Source title image: Evernine