Amazon Alexa: That’s how Lenovo imagines the living of the future

February 14th, 2017 / Editor: Severin Sieber

Help, the robots are coming! Under the slogan “Different Innovates Better”, Lenovo presents its latest innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas. The Chinese electronics company is using its new Lenovo Smart Assistant mainly with Amazon Alexa and wants to make smart technologies available to everyone.

One of the great goals of Lenovo in a networked world is to bring a good smart home experience to more households and make the technologies easier to access. After Lenovo has conducted a series of studies on the main obstacles and key needs of customers, Lenovo developed SmartAssistant, a new, personal Personal Assistant with Cloud-based Amazon Alexa language services.

Alexa’s intelligence comes from the cloud

The elegant Lenovo SmartAssistant was developed together with Amazon and recognizes the user’s voice to start searches on the Internet, play music, create lists, make calendar entries and much more. Because the intelligence of Alexa comes from the cloud, it keeps getting smarter. The Lenovo Smart Assistant is designed to control both Lenovo devices for the Smart Home and existing third party products.

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 Smart Home Offer and Lenovo Smart Storage

The smart home offer is rounded off by Lenovo Smart Storage. Smart Storage provides a huge – 6 TB – secure, digital memory, dual-band wireless access, and the ability to automatically synchronize multiple devices. Designed to provide users with secure and peer-to-peer access to stored media such as photos, music, and documents, Lenovo Smart Storage provides fast access to data and files. The integrated software for face recognition can organize a complete photo library reliably on the basis of people and faces.


This article is based on a press release from Lenovo, January 2017.

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