Next generation 3D printer: BQ is introducing Witbox Go!

March 15th, 2017, Editor: Anja Weinert

The Spanish company BQ is known for its innovative products in consumer electronics. Whereas BQ held up in introducing its new products on the MWC 2017, the company is now presenting its new developments on a firm-event.

Next to new smartphones, the new 3D printer Witbox Go! is standing out. It outperforms prior models such as the Witbox 2 in various ways: Witbox Go! is the first 3D printer using the operating system Android Marshmallow and is convincing with its compact size of  140 x 140 x 140 mm. Moreover, Witbox Go! can be connected with a smartphone via NFC or wifi.

What’s below the cap of the Witbox Go! printer?

Witbox Go! is working with a Snapdragon 410-processor and with a four or eight gigabyte memory, depending on the version. Thereby it outperforms all existing 3D printers as it reduces the duration of a print from two hours to just 15 minutes. Additionally Witbox Go! has a Trinamic-Clip that helps to reduce noise, making Witbox Go! the most quiet 3D printer ever.

For a safe print, Witbox Go! has a closed and heated cabinet and stops the printing process automatically in case a nozzle is clogged or the printer filament is empty. The price of the 3D printer attracts first-time users and is planned to be 600 Euros in the third quarter of 2017.

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Aquaris X and X Pro – the new BQ smartphones

Also one can be excited to see the new smartphones from BQ – Aquaris X and X Pro – which are expanding BQ’s product range. Aquaris X is said to be a black model with a fingerprint sensor and a camera with LED-flash. Except from this, not much is known about the new smartphone models. The BQ event should thus certainly be exciting.

Image Source: BQ | Mundo Reader S.L.