penSolution offers a digital writing technology, which allows to transfer handwritten data to digital data fast and easily. Its complete solution encompasses the SolutionPen, various forms and specific paper.

The SolutionPen is a regular ball-pen, which is provided with a micro camera. This micro camera captures the handwriting and transforms it to digital data. Additionally the pen can be used as a scanner.

Moreover penSolution provides various forms for download, what allows an easy transfer from the paper to the digital version. In order for the pen to function, a specific kind of paper has to be used. This paper has a grid of tiny points. Because of the grid the pen can recognize its position on the paper using coordinates. The forms provided by penSolution already include the needed grid.


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penSolutions offering closes the media break between paper and computer. Using penSolution is thus especially beneficial if data is gathered handwritten but should then be transferred to an IT-system in a secure, correct and timely manner. This is for example the case in managing patient data or administrating contacts for fairs.