MAVIG sees itself as a quality and innovation leader in the field of X-ray protection, in carrying systems for the operating room, but also in confocal laser scanning microscopy. The products are well known for coming to market with well-tested innovations or improvements and almost all products are developed in-house.

In addition to X-ray protection, VivaScope also belongs to MAVIG. VivaScope has been involved in confocal microscopy for over 10 years and its products provide simpler and innovative methods for medicine.

In the field of systems engineering, MAVIG offers personal protective equipment and, above all, supporting devices and protective parts. In systems engineering, too, the company focuses on highest quality and stability in order to offer its customers only the safest solutions.


Life sciences & health care

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Under the brand name MAVIG, the German company of the same name produces and distributes high-quality medical products and personal protective equipment, which are used in clinics as well as in medical practices. The product range includes over-table and under-table scattered radiation protection equipment, mobile protective walls, ceiling-mounted equipment carrier systems e.g. for monitors and lamps, radiation protection built-in windows and curtains, as well as radiation protection clothing and accessories.