FLEETIZE® networks the widest range of vehicle types with the same hardware without the need for a workshop visit and without complex cabling within seconds. The FLEETIZE® GPS Tracker is installed by simply plugging into the OBD2 diagnostic port of your car or truck.

With its all-round carefree package, the young, aspiring company quickly and easily connects small and large vehicle fleets and provides the advantages of networked vehicle fleets accessible to every company.

In addition to the feature of a highly user-friendly GPS vehicle location, Fleetize also provides a tax office-compliant travel log and an individualized solution that fits every company fleet.


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Fleetize comes in an all-round carefree package with ready-to-use hardware and the right software for all your internet-enabled devices. Our high-quality products enable the simple, fast and economical networking of heterogeneous vehicle fleets – without the need for a visit to a workshop and independently of your vehicle fleet size.