Adaptive Mobile is a mobile network security provider that was founded in 2004 and offers security-as-a-service. With more than 1.5 billion subscribers it is the world leader in helping consumers and enterprises to gain greater control about their security.

Adpative Mobile believes that in a more and more connected world, trust in a network is and will be a critical success factor for longterm subscribers and profit growth. Their customers like airtel, bandwith and vodafone believe in them to create a safe experience for consumers and companies.

In order to enable its customers to encounter the new era of communication appropriately, Adaptive Mobile offers various products and services ranging from Messaging Revenue Protection over IoT protection to Personal & Parental Controls.


IT & Digital

51-200 employees

Dublin, Ireland

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Adaptive Mobile´s vision is “Trust in the Future of Mobile, Trust in your Network, Trusted Network Protection”. Offering Products and Services, which help their customers to gain greater control over their security is their way to encounter the new era of communication.