With locations in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, approximately 38,000 employees and external sales of 6.9 billion euros (2017), T-Systems is one of the world’s leading providers of information and communication technology. We are partners of our customers on the way of digitization. We offer integrated solutions for business customers. As a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, everything comes from a single source: from the secure operation of legacy systems and classic IT and telecommunications services to transformation into the cloud, including international networks, infrastructure, platforms and software to new business models and innovation projects Internet of Things. The foundation for this is global reach for fixed and mobile networks, high-security data centers, a comprehensive cloud ecosystem with standardized platforms and worldwide partnerships, and the highest level of security.


Why M.A.R.S. ?


T-Systems supports with its service M.A.R.S. Companies in all industries involved in the implementation of new systems, especially when switching to SAP S / 4HANA, with the goal of sustainably increasing data quality and efficiency as well as cutting IT costs. With Managed Application Retirement Services (M.A.R.S.), T-Systems offers an end-to-end service for historizing all data from complex system landscapes. The legacy data is separated from the application, its logic is transferred to the platform so that targeted access can be made anytime and from anywhere.


Core Competences


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Contact Person

Tibor Kosche

Vice President, Managed Application Retirement Services (M.A.R.S.)


Tibor Kosche knows the IT market in its most disruptive time. As Vice President International Cloud Sales, he learned about the rapid changes brought about by the cloud and the challenges facing companies. Today, as Vice President of Managed Application Retirement Services at T-Systems, he brings his expertise in the area of historization (M.A.R.S.) to bear on the decommissioning of legacy systems in companies and makes it possible to streamline the IT landscape.



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Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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