IQPC Corporate – International Quality and Productivity Center

IQPC is a business-to-business event company that organizes events worldwide, both online and offline. Target group are academics and executives, who network IQPC with each other and help to use synergies and to optimize business processes.


IQPC’s mission is to connect and connect executives and visionaries worldwide. Through this intensive exchange IQPC helps companies worldwide to learn from each other and to promote innovative strength.
The customer and its success has always been the focus of the company. ICQP encourages the customer to build bridges and break new ground – while never losing sight of the goal of achieving sustainable results.


IQPC has offices in the international metropolitan areas of Berlin, Dubai, London, New York, Singapore, Sydney and Tampa and holds over 2,000 conferences, webinars and online events annually.

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Katharina Lotze

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Katharina Lotze

Marketing Manager


Katharina Lotze is Marketing Manager at IQPC for Germany and your contact for all kinds of inquiries.



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Berlin, Germany

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